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London South Bank University - the only university in London, on the basis of which it is possible to pass both an MBA and MPA (Masters in Public Administration). MPA graduates can pursue a career in public service. According to experts from LSBU, these courses are focused mainly on those who in the future will run the country.

Close ties with the University of professionals and accreditation leading expert organizations (Chartered Institute of Marketing - CIM, the Royal Institute of Management - CMI and The Royal Institute of Personal Development - CIPD) at times increase the chances of employment of graduates. Today LSBU graduates work in such global corporations as Nokia, Lloyds TSB, Tesco and RBS.


The one-year training program Foundation provides students with confident knowledge of the chosen specialty, academic English and all the necessary skills for further training in the bachelor.

Entry requirements

· Certificate

· IELTS 4.5

· Start date: September; January

· Duration: 3 terms

· The program cost: £ 11,950


Entry requirements

· Successful completion of the course Undergraduate Foundation Programme

· IELTS 6.0

· Cost of the program: from £ 10,500


Preparation Pre-Masters program is ideal for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and would like to enroll in the master’s degree is guaranteed in the UK university.


Entry requirements

· Diploma of Higher Education

· IELTS 5.0 - 6.0

· Age over 21 years

· Start date: April / June / October (1 term); January / April (2 terms); October / January (3 terms)


· Duration: 1 term (IELTS 6.0), 2 terms (IELTS 5.5), 3 terms (IELTS 5.0)

· Program cost: £ 3,950 per term (£ 3 deposit 11,850 per trimester).

Master’s degree

Entry requirements

· Bachelor’s degree

· IELTS 6.0

· Interview

· Cost of the program: from £ 5.670

Education in the field of tourism and hospitality opens up broad prospects of career opportunities. This branch of business - one of the most fascinating, and it employs about 250 million people worldwide. Every year this figure is growing, and tourism need today in professional managers, more than ever before.


London South Bank University offers education in the field of hospitality and tourism as an undergraduate, and the magistracy. Undergraduate students after the first course can choose one of three specializations. “Management in Tourism” allows graduates to work in the tour operator companies, act as travel agents, managers and marketers in different directions.