Undergraduate students have the opportunity to combine the right to study languages ​​or policies. At the master’s students specialize in the following areas: criminology, power, international trade, environmental law and human rights. In addition, the university has partnership programs, which involve other universities in Ireland and England. Many of our graduates have achieved career success in the field of law, both in Ireland and in other countries. School Queen’s University Belfast rights provides high-quality education, professional atmosphere with modern technical capabilities, innovative educational approaches and professional support from the teachers.

Students and doctoral students are taught by leading experts in the field of jurisprudence and law.

Mechanical engineering is often associated with vehicles - from motorcycles and “Formula”to the aircraft and ships. Anyway, all the inventions of mankind have their mechanical component - mobile phones, shoes, musical instruments and tennis rackets - all has its own mechanics, and for the smooth operation of the companies need specialists with knowledge in the field of engineering and design. School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is preparing just such professionals and enjoys an international reputation in professional circles, in cooperation with universities and practitioners from different countries.

Department of Queen’s University Belfast mechanical and aerospace industry is marked as one of the best faculties in their profile. Faculty Program is ideal for those planning to become an entrepreneur, inventor and innovator. High standards of learning, professional teaching staff and high reputation in the scientific community - these are the main advantages of the faculty, which produces real experts.

The program for aerospace engineering includes specialized subjects and additional subjects - the whole spectrum of knowledge and experience that is useful and beneficial to the young specialist to allocate it to the labor market. The course includes subjects in aerodynamics, propulsion, aircraft design, manufacturing and management aviakonstruktsy. All theoretical knowledge backed up by practical exercises. For future career helps students prepare for the leadership course, training in the workplace, as well as the possibility of sharing experiences with international experts.

Programme design and product design includes the study of various disciplines and the development of technical skills required to create innovative products. The course also includes modules for mechanical engineering. In the second year of study, students explore the design process and methodology, develop skills, work with concepts, materials, design and production tasks. The curriculum includes projects that will work as they need to work in groups.


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