An abstract is a summary of a book, article, or speech. In a research paper, an abstract is only half a page. The abstract is mostly written at the front of dissertations, theses, or journal articles. There are important things you need to note when writing an abstract for an academic paper.

Although an abstract appears at the front, it presents a summary of what you have written about. Consequently, it is the last thing that you write after writing your project. The effectiveness of an abstract lies in explaining your paper and research. Although it looks easy to write an abstract, here are some of its essential components.

  1. The problem statement

You explain the problem statement the study addresses and its importance. You also describe the role of your research in filling any gap be it scientific, theoretic, or practical. Why are you carrying out the research? What are you seeking to address? You must explain the role of your research in filling this gap.

2.The methods used

This involves saying how you got the information you used. You state the method of data collection you have used. For instance, you say you used questionnaires or interviews in collecting data. Or you analyzed five journals. You also say the method you have used in the analyzing the data and coming up with a conclusion.


3. The findings of the study

The abstract also consists of explanation of the results of the finding. You state how the results have addressed the objectives that you said. You also indicate how the results have compared with your hypothesis. In short, you explain what you have learned, invented, or created out of that study.

4.The conclusion of the finding

Here, you explain the implications of your findings. You explain and interpret the results of your study. What has the study found out? How have the findings of your study faired against the existing studies? The abstract also summarizes the recommendations of the survey. Here, you explain how something should be done in relation to the thesis statement. You also state the gap your research has filled.


An abstract is critical as it helps your readers know about your work. An abstract helps the readers to understand whether the study is important to them or not. The readers also know about your argument through going through the abstract. There are descriptive and informative abstract. The descriptive abstract does not include the result section, while the informative one includes it.

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